Is it ok to get reoccurring tonssil infections?

Tonsillitis. All children get recurrent tonsillitis as they develop their own immunity. The rule of thumb for school age children is to consider having the tonsils removed if they have more than 5 tonsil infections in a year and are missing a lot of school. Adults can make their own decision about whether their recurrent infections are sufficiently interfering with their life to try surgery.
Not really. At your age, having constant tonsil infections can be problematic. I'd recommend seeing an ENT to evaluate you for possibly having them removed.
NO. Recurring tonsil infections pose two problems one is medical and the other is social. There are strict criteria for when to recommend tonsillectomy (5 infections in 1 year); (3 infections in two consecutive years); (2 infections per year over 3 or more years). Any patient with + strep regardless of above should consider tonsillectomy because streptococcus cause other issues related to toxins.