What is the treatment for amaurosis fugax?

Mini-StrokeC MD ASAP. See your doctor immediately if you experience signs of amaurosis fugax (temporary vision loss in one eye). These symptoms are caused by decreased blood flow to the retinal artery (which is fed by the carotid artery in the neck) and can lead to stroke if untreated. Aspirin, lifestyle changes, or surgery to open up the blood vessel can be done depending on the severity of disease.
Identify the source. This is a loss of vision in one eye, usually in a pattern like a curtain from top to bottom or the opposite. Most commonly it is from emboli arising in the vascular system that feeds into the ophthalmic artery supplying the retina. It could be from heart valvular disease or arterial lining disease. Treatment is to eliminate the source of these emboli usually by a vascular specialist.
Amaurosis fugax. Is temporal blindness. Most of the time if not always is associated to a ruptured plaque of cholesterol or emboli from the carotid arteries plaques) this pts require anti platelets (aspirin, plavix, (clopidogrel) Aggrenox or anticoagulants). If the internal carotid is obstructed >75% may require surgery. Picture :retina -  cholesterol emboli of retina (hollenhorst.

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What sort of problem is amaurosis fugax?

Potential vascular. Amaurosis fugax is a condition where there is a temporary (seconds to minutes) partial or complete loss of vision in one eye. It is caused by a variety of conditions such as: vasospasm, optic nerve disease, increased intracranial pressure, or atherosclerosis. Because there is a risk of artery disease, patients with amaurosis need immediate work-up of their heart, carotids and blood pressure.
Carotid. Amaurosis fugax is a transient loss of vision in one eye due to a temporary insufficiency of blood flow to the retina. It occurs when a piece of plaque in a carotid artery breaks off and travels to the retinal artery in the eye, in patients w carotid artery disease.
Potentially serious. Amaurosis fugax is temporary loss of vision in one eye lasting between seconds and hours. There are many potential causes to this some of which may require immediate medical attention. See your eye doctor immediately if you are suffering from these symptoms.

I think I know from latin but what is amaurosis fugax?

See below. Amaurosis fugax is when the central retinal artery is blocked by a plaque or deposit from the carotids. This results in restriction or stoppage of blood flow to the retina which causes the vision to shut off. It usually manifests like a window shade coming down over the field of vision. The symptom usually lasts just a minute or two and then returns. If this happens, see your doctor asap.

How can I differentiate amaurosis fugax and oscular migraine?

One eye. Amaurosis fugax is by definition sudden loss of vision in one eye, that reverses itself. Ocular migraines are always in both eyes, and are characterized by zig zags or sparkles that spread out gradually and go away gradually. Amaurosis lasts a few minutes...Ocular migraines can last up to 45 minutes. Go see an eye doctor, and if it is only one eye, go see your regular medical doctor asap.

What is amaurosis fugax?

Momentary blindness.. .. In one eye. Usually it is caused by constriction or temporary occlusion of the central retinal artery.

What underlying conditions cause amaurosis fugax?

Amaurosis fugax. Amaurosis fugax, or temporary blindness, is often caused by a circulation disorder. An example would be a piece of cholesterol that breaks away from the side of the heart chamber or carotid artery and temporarily lodges in one of the blood vessels of a retinal artery. Other circulation problems such as inflamed blood vessels or migraine can also cause amaurosis fugax.
Vascular problems. This is indicative of vascular blockage or insufficiency usually carotid artery disease. This needs urgent eval to prevent brain stroke.

What is the definition or description of: amaurosis fugax?

Transient blindness. Temporary loss of vision usually lasting less than 5 minutes often as a result of a small blood clot (embolus) passing through the retinal artery.
Amaurosis fugax. Amaurosis fugax is a temporary loss of vision caused by blockage of blood flow in the eye from a small blood clot or cholesterol piece. It is typically a darkening of the vision that lasts 20-30 minutes. People have amaurosis fugax are at high risk to have a stroke in the near future.
Amaurosis fugax. This is classically described as noting a curtain like interruption going across the line of vision this is side to side and is temporary and should clear shortly. It is a sign of potential impending stroke and needs immediate evaluation. If it is up and down rather than side to side then it is a sign of impeded posterior brain circulation. This is not amaurusis fugax but just as dangerous.

Do people with amaurosis fugax have a lot of pain?

Not usually. Amaurosis fugax is a sudden and temporary loss of vision, often in one eye. It is painless, and usually recovers without intervention. The underlying cause may be arterial or heart disease and needs to be evaluated immediately.

What could cause very temporary bilateral amaurosis fugax on side vision over a 2-3 month period, and could tests wait for a 5 week prebooked vacation?

Amaurosis fugax. Not sure who gave you the diagnosis, but if this is correct you are at risk of a stroke and you need to have it checked right away, and if you want to avoid having a problem on your vacation, I would get it checked asap.
Risk of stroke. Amaurosis may represent a form of transient ischemic attack, 'tia.' this is a pre-stroke condition. You are 15 times more likely to die from a heart attack or stroke. You need blood work looking for inflammatory, cholesterol, or blood cell causes. You also need a carotid ultrasound to check to make sure the arteries in your neck are open and an ultrasound of the heart to check the valves.
No! Address now. This can be a very serious and even life-threatening early sign of a stroke. While other things can cause vision changes (amaurosis fugax is a very specific term to use), many of these are serious as well. Please do not wait to get evaluated. You want to be able to fully enjoy a vacation with an intact and healthy body and spirit!

Is amaurosis fugax like an actual curtain descending? A gray block covered half my one eye out of nowhere, no descending just came and left, 45 seconds. Ophthalmologist saw nothing wrong. Other ideas?

It can be. Amaurosis fugax is simply transient monocular vision loss (only ~20% have the 'curtain' experience). Although your ophthalmological exam was normal you should definitely see your physician as there are many causes of trasient loss of vision, many of which the ophthalmological exam will not reveal.
Second opinion. It sounds ominous- you need a photo imaging of your retina and also a carotid artery ultrasound- since it was so short, may not be dangerous; hoever, get checked NOW.
Stroke precursor. Amaurosis fugax is usually a precursor to a stroke/CVA or heart attack. It may indicate a narrowing of the carotid artery in the neck. This is an embolic event so may resolve without any further symptoms. I would seek further evaluation by your PCP ASAP, or ED if symptoms recur.