Vomiting and chills with no fever.?

Vomiting & no fever. This sounds as if you have a mechanical obstruction. If this does not resolve within 24-48 hours, I would seek medical attention. I would do this sooner if you are unable to keep down fluids.

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Vomiting, chills and cold sweats, fever, sore throat. How long to wait before testing for strep?

No reason to wait- Though most symptoms of an upper respiratory tract infection are caused by viruses, there is no reason for you to wait and have your doctor check you out for a strept infection. Just don't go the appointment expecting to get an antibiotic each time you suspect you need it- otherwise, you will end up with a multidrug resistant bacterial infection.

Can celiac cause days of vomiting w/chills, fever, sweating, congestion, bladder problems, severe sence of smell/taste every 2-6months suddenonset 14yrsago?

Blackwater fever. Sounds like you have malaria not celiac disease. Perhaps you should see your physician or an infectious disease specialist.
No. Celiac cannot cause those symptoms. You need a specialist, either an immunologist an of an imfectious disease doctor.

My 4yr old had fever, chills, vomiting. The fever went away now her throat hurts and she had blisters. What can I give her?

See below. It sounds like she may have hand, foot and mouth disease. I would give her tylenol (acetaminophen) or Motrin for pain relief, and plenty of fluids and rest.
Motrin or Tylenol (acetaminophen) Sounds like it may be herpangina. Most often caused by the hand, foot and mouth virus. Tylenol (acetaminophen) and Motrin can be used for pain. In severe cases with multiple sores dehydration can become a problem. Avoid acidic foods and juices for a few days as this may be irritating to the open sores at the back of the throat. If the abdominal pain, vomiting and fever persist see your pediatrician.

Vomiting. Diarrhea. Chills. Sweats. Fever. Dizzy with fast movement. What is it and will it just go away??

Diarrhoea. Hello and welcome to HealthTap, it depends how long you have thre symptoms now? If short lived them yes should go away, you may be having acute Gastroenteritis. Please let me know if the symptoms have been there more than s week now. I hope it helps! Take care :)

My wife has been vomiting and complaining of a stomachache. Hasn't been able to keep anything down. Also had chills last night. No fever.

Go to the Doctor. Please sign off of the internet and take your wife to the doctor today. Your statement would appear to be the very definition of when it is time to go to the doctor.
Evaluation. She should be evaluated to determine the cause of her symptoms. It could be something as simple as a virus and it just may need to run its course but it could be something more. If she can not keep anything down she can get dehydrated. If she has been healthy until now and do not have any risk factors for a systemic disease she can try over the counter medications for symptoms, peptobismol, emetro.

My 4yr old wakes up with chills periodically, then she will vomit once and then appear to be back to normal. No fever, in normal room temp.?

Vomiting and chills. Does not sound normal. Children vomit for all sorts of reasons like UTI, lung infectons and even anxiety. Chills are typically associated with flu or pneumonia, I would have your child seen by your doc to check things out.