Does apple cider vinegar irritate your throat?

Doubtful. It is actually part of an old folk remedy for sore throat. It reportedly did away with strep throat (but i would not accept that at face value.) however, it can really damage your teeth. So insure that you rinse well with water. Are you having burning or pain from apple cider vinegar? If so, aloe vera juice ingested a couple times per day can help.

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Had undiluted Apple cider vinegar shots for reflux. Now dysphagia is occurring days after & rough patch feeling on hard palate and throat. Connected?

Very Acidic. You may have burned your soft tissues. "Don't drink it straight. It’s so acidic that it could harm your tooth enamel and your esophagus." This is quoted directly from the website. Read more...

My wife was having apple cider vinegar last 2 months. Now she. Is having severe burning sensation in her throat and esophagus. Could this be the cause?

Possible. Vinegar is very acidic and if she has an underlying problem with reflux or gastritis it can make it much worse. She needs to stop it and all acids and contact her doctor asap for evaluation and treatment. Read more...