I have severe lilapsophobia. Please help me.?

Lilapsophobia. I understand your distress of Tornadoes or Hurricanes.
You deserve Relief from Phobias and live Happy Life.
Feel Blessings of 3 Million Air Sacs in your lungs due to which you have Breath of Life every 4 seconds.
Believe in Order of Universe.
Tornadoes or Hurricanes do not come all the time and not at all places.
Focus on the times without Phobias.
See Psychiatrist for Therapy and Medication.
Fear of tornadoes. Having a fear of tornadoes and hurricanes is not that uncommon, though it is more common to fear storms in general. Usually an extreme phobia causes you to think that all tornadoes will turn severe and you have to seek shelter. Usually these situations are from a bad personal experience and require professional psychiatric or counselor help in order to help you better rationalize your fears.