Should hydromet cough syrup make me throw up if codeine pills do?

Hydrocodone. Hydromet syrup is a narcotic pain medicine with hydrocodone. It is generally considered stronger than codeine. Because they are different medications, it is hard to say what side effects you will have. I have seen patients who have nausea and emesis with Codeine and not with hydrocodone. I have also seen nausea and emesis with hydrocodone and not with codeine. Only way to know is to try it.

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Will hydromet cough syrup make me throw up if mixed with codeine pills?

Hydromet & Codeine. Hello. Hydromet cough syrup contains hydrocodone. You should not mix that with codeine pills since that is mixing two different opioids (narcotics). It is possible that mixing the two could make you sick. 5mg of hydrocodone is in hydromet. It's possible that the hydrocodone in hydromet can be" temporarily " effective for treating whatever pain condition codeine is being used to treat. Read more...