Is it true that cell phones emit the same kind of radiation as microwave ovens?

And your car radio. The microwave oven was "discovered" when a lab scientist had a chocolate bar melt in his pocket when it was exposed to radio waves in the microwave spectrum. Radio waves come into your house for tv reception, to your car for radio reception, from you wifi router and to you cell phone. Recent studies have shown that there is no increase in disease following exposure to microwaves.
Radio/microwaves. Radio waves are the longest in the light spectrum, some as short as a few inches; others miles long. All can be used to transmit info. Microwaves are behind radio waves in length: much shorter, from few cm to about a ft. Best-known µwave is the longer wave, used in microwave ovens. Radio waves carry sound for devices (radio & cell phones) & carry images & info for tv, telescopes, satellites.—>.
Yes, but… Both cell phones & microwave ovens emit microwaves, but the amount each produces is quite different. Microwave ovens use enough to heat & cook food; cell phones do not. Studies have disproved possible connections between these devices and cancer.