Doxycycline & Accutane side effects?

Few if any. Doxy: most side effects we've experienced are nausea. Accutane: most side effects we've experienced are dry skin and headache. However, dry skin after use of Accutane should be seen as 'normal'. Because it decreases/controls the function of sebaceous glands which leading to the control of acne. Depression is very rare. Suicide? Only happened in lawsuit, not in my (and my many colleagues’’) exper.

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Currently taking doxycycline but it's not improving. Heard many conflicting success stories & horror stories of Accutane. Are the side-effects true?

Side effects. The reason companies list the side effects is because they happened on their drug. Will they happen to everyone? No. Could they? Yes. Talk to your doctor about what may be the next step for your acne. Read more...