What to expect at first dermatology appointment for acne?

Acne. An overall assessment is done at first dermatology visit which includes family history and medication history. Besides from prescribing a regimen individualized for that patient some dermatologist will extract blackheads and inject cysts if needed.
Full history. At your first appointment, you will be asked many questions regarding personal ; family history. Questions regarding prior products (otc ; rx) will be reviewed along with your skin type (oily, dry, normal), any specific allergies as well as questions regarding your menses (female). There are many other things to review during an initial consultation including birth control and pregnancy status too.
Treatment. History of the problem, examination and treatment. Usually a cleanser is suggested with instruction for skin care. Common medicines used are topical retinoids, antibiotics and benzoyl peroxide. Severe cases may benefit from oral antibiotics, birth contro pills or isotretinoin.