I'm quiet an active adrenalin junkie person such as out door sports, scuba diving, motocross ect. Will a breast augmentation limit me with activities?

No limitations. The short answer is that breast implants should not limit your lifestyle. However, it is important that they not be too large and that you are aware of all of the ramifications in terms of implants in athletic women. I would recommend asking your plastic surgeon for specific information on this.
Breast Augmentation. It may depend on the size of your implants as well as the placement (under or over the muscle) but generally speaking, this should not hamper your daily activiites or exercises. Supportive garments will be helpful.
Activities. It is certainly important to let your surgeon know your activity level prior to surgery. Size, placement and location of the implants can play a role in activity and implant motion.
2-3 weeks. After 2-3 weeks you can resume normal activities. After a month you can resume all activities without restrictions.
No worries. Many of our patients are very active - just like you. Here are my suggestions: don't go excessively large with the implant size, and let it heal for about 3-4 weeks post-op before even starting back to any of the vigorous physical activities. You should do very well.
No. Breast augmentation, if performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, is a procedure with few long term adverse effects. Under normal circumstances patients will enjoy no limitation to their activities. Best to discuss in detail in official consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon (initial consult commonly free of charge).