My liver count "gamma" is in the 500's I have really bad pain in the liver area but doctors arent worried about it, should I be?

Yes if not evaluated. Gamma glutamyl transpeptidase (ggt) is elevated in liver and biliary tract (gall bladder and its ducts) disease. Depending on the lab, normal values extend up to about 50. Yours is 10x higher than normal. Hepatits from any cause (alcohol, medicines, viral infection, others), gall stones, and rarer things can cause it. You should be concerned. See a gastroenterologist if you haven't already.
You may be concerned. Hello so you drink? How often per day? You currently complain of "bad pain in the liver". Many years ago we used to give herbal liquids to help refresh the liver.. They worked well as daily one/half on empty stomach.I cannot tell your what to take into your system, but I do hope you feel better.