My friend who has forth stage breast cancer has fluid around her lungs, tumers inside her lungs and is tired. Could oxygen therapy help her at all?

If her oxygen is low. Oxygen level can be easily tested and so I would do that first. If it is low, supplemental oxygen can be quite helpful. If too much fluid, she may need to get treatment to remove the excess fluid, otherwise oxygen may not get to the lungs to cross to the blood where she needs it...
Yes. As dr. Bessmer stated it can be checked to see if oxygen is low by use a pulse oximeter (you just place it on the finger at get a reading) it should be in the mid to high 90's. Otherwise oxygen bottles or generators can be ordered by your doctor. Sometimes the o2 level is good resting but walking it gets real low so it can be tested when walking as well.

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My friends lungs are full of tumers from forth stage breast cancer, she is having coughing fits and her docs haven't given her oxygen therapy, why not?

O2 won't stop cough. Oxygen will not stop the cough. It may help her feel a bit better but a strong cough med is probably indicated. Is hospice needed? They do a wonderful job of helping when conditions seem bleak or unsolvable to usual care.
Her oxygen level OK? It sounds like your friend is quite ill, but she may not oxygen yet. This is quite easily determined in an office setting with a pulse-oximetry meter. If she is having shortness of breath, easy fatigue etc. It is reasonable to check her oxygen status. Treating her coughs may make her more comfortable. Advise her to consult her docs... Wish her luck for me...
Possibly... Oxygen can only be prescribed if her oxygen level is low enough to warrant this therapy. So, your friend's oxygen level is likely not low enough. Her doctors will likely monitor this and prescribe it if/when necessary (her pulse ox needs to be below 88% on room air to qualify). I am very sorry about your friend's illness. Best of luck to both of you!
Oxygen therapy. Oxygen is only needed if a persons blood oxygen is below a certain level the treatment of symptoms is not oxygen unless a person is not able to keep a good level of oxygen without supplement so if your friend has a po2 of >90 without oxygen he may not need any.

My friend has 4th stage breast cancer, her lungs are filling up with tumors, why wouldn't her docs give her an oxygen bottle to use whenever needed?

Unclear. Oxygen would only be helpful if her oxygen levels are low. This is easily checked at the md's office and it may be that even though your friend has multiple metastasis, she does not have low oxygen levels.
Depends. Many patients with lung problems or cancer in their lungs can still get enough oxygen in their blood without supplemental oxygen. They may feel short of breath, but if the oxygen level is not low, giving more oxygen is not necessarily the answer. For most insurances to pay for home oxygen, oxygen saturations must be documented at less than 88%.
Patient Comfort. I don't know. The importance is keeping her comfortable. If oxygen makes her comfortable---so be it. There is no medical reason not to. Does she have hospice involved? They are very knowledgable in end of life care for the patient, family, and friends. If the docs will not cooperate find new physcians. If she is continuing her treatment; comfort is still key for a patient.