I removed my IUD january 9th so far I haven't had my period for the month of february and today my breast were leaking. Does this mean im pregnant?

Breast leakin. If you did not get your period and your breast is leaking, you should get pregnancy test to see if you are pregnant and most likely you may be pregnant.
See your OB-Gyn. There can be complications if you remove the iud yourself. See your gynecologist to have an exam, and to see if you could be pregnant. Mostly, remember to use barrier contraception during intercourse regardless of iud presence, since you can still get infections (iuds only prevent pregnancy, not these infections).

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I have a IUD in I have not seen my period........And now my breast are leaking milk......I also keep having flutters..... Could I be pregnant

The . The chances of pregnancy with a correctly placed iud are less that 1 percent. However there is still a chance of pregnancy especially with your other symptoms. See your doctor for testing and further evaluations of your symptoms. Good luck. Read more...
Yes,but... How long have you had the IUD?There is no 100% form of contraception,be it pills ,injectables,implants,condoms or IUDs.Any sexually active couple can get pregnant.If concerned,see your doctor for testing..It could also be a hormonal imbalance.Good luck. Read more...