Swollen feet & ankles whay dors it CM from?

Edema. Swelling of your feet and ankles are likely due to excess fluid trapped in your tissues, called edema. It has many potential causes, including medications (calcium channel blockers, etc), venous insufficiency, arthritis, heart failure, liver disease or kidney disease. It would be a good idea to see a doctor for evaluation.
Edema. Swelling to the feet and ankles is common as we get older. It can be a vascular insufficiency, kidney or blood pressure issue. If you have been given a diuretic by your doctor - take it on schedule! You can try to wear support hose and elevate your fee when out of bed. If this does not relieve your issue see your doctor. Do not ignore this.
Many reasons. Heart problems can cause water retention and cause swollen feet. Also problems with valves in veins in your leg can cause blood to flow from your deep veins to the superficial veins, build up pressure and leak water causing leg swelling. Obesity can predispose to this problem. Lymph drainage problems typically cause swelling in one leg more than another. Certain meds can also contribute.