I have pain on the ulnar side of my wrist, specifically turning knobs or keys. i had X-ray (neg for fx), I rested it 2 mo but pain returned?

TFCC. Ulnar wrist pain is common and may be due to several different problems. One of the more common is degeneration or tearing of the triangular fibrocartilage complex (tfcc). Other causes of pain with twisting is arthritis of the distal radioulnar joint, or tendonitis. You should be evaluated by a hand surgeon who can confirm the diagnosis. Further treatment could be a splint or cortisone injection.
Tendonitis. Tendonitis can persist especially if you do any repetitive motion with hand/wrist (e.g. Use a mouse/computer all day at work). So the ultimate treatment may be an ergonomic evaluation of your work station. Also a wrist MRI may be required to look for any ligament damage (not seen on xray). A 'hand' specialist is the best type of doctor to get a consultation. Hope you are better soon!