Is fat transfer to lips permanent?

Yes. What ever is there after a few weeks is living tissue that should last as long as you do.
Yes with survival. Depending on the degree of fat "take" or survival the transferred fat is usually considered permanent and may respond to weight gain or loss even 20 years later.
Sometimes. Fat transfer usually lasts for anywhere between five and 10 years. There is even some of the fat that remains for longer than that but usually i like to tell my patients that nothing is permanent other than an implant therefore fat grafting is a very good way to augment the lips in a natural way however not permanent.
Fat transfer. Dear jc6, yes, fat transfer to the lips is permanent. Fat transfer to the lips has slightly less take than other parts of the face. I caution my patients that they may need a touch up procedure to add more fat. There is a lot of movement in this area (eating, talking, kissing) that reduces take. Best, nima shemirani.
Fat Transfer to Lips. When a fat transfer is performed properly, a large percentage of the injected fat cells do indeed survive and are permanent. Not all, but a large percentage. However, fat transfer is not my first choice for lip augmentation. This is because the fat graft does not survive as well in the lips as it does in other areas of the body. I actually prefer synthetic fillers like Restylane in the lip.
Yes, but.... Absorption of fat can be difficult to predict in the lips which can lead to lumpiness. There are more predictable products such as juvederm or Restylane (dermal fillers) that give more fullness in a controlled way although less long lasting.
Lip Aug using fat. Fat transfer to the lips results in permanent improvement. The only problem is that the amount of improvement varies from patient to patient. All absorbable lip fillers (e.g. Restylane (dermal fillers) and jeuvederm) go away by design. There for the best filler would be use of your own fat. Although the amount that takes varies, there is always improvement in my experience, it can be repeated if necessary.
Fat to lips. Variable results which are impossible to predict pre-proceedure. When it works, it looks great. I can also give a partial volumization, and in some patients no noticeable changes at 4-6 months post-procedure.
Best technique . When you want something done right go to the successful practitioners. Most experienced dr's will recommend two procedures, the second being six weeks after the first. At 6 weeks the maximum amount of vascularity to support fat graft is present. Refracting at this stage ensures a permanent, successful result, without the expense and effects of synthetic materials being added, & unpredictability.
Yes. Fat transfer to lips is permanent. A large amount of the injected fat is reabsorbed after surgery. What remains stays for life.
Variable. Use of fat grafts to the lips is very technique and surgeon dependent. Long-term enlargement is possible as long as the grafts are gently taken, mixed with platelet concentrates, and placed with the submucosal lip lining (where the moisture is noted). Placement here utilizes the blood suppy of the minor salivary glands for support. Once a graft survives, the results can be long lasting.
6 - 9 months. Quite a lot of the initial injection is absorbed, however what remains after initial absorbtion is said to be permanent. Am sure that results r also operator dependent. If interested in procedure request names of dr's patients willing to discuss their experience a year or so after the procedure. Certainly preferable to collagen injections.
No. Fat transfer to any part of the body is subject to absorption of the fat and some re alignment over time. This will change the effect and to a certain extent is taken account by your surgeon in the initial fat transfer. The effect will modify over time as does your basic underlying metabolism. All plastic surgery will need later revision , modification or redoing over time.