I had fat transfer done in my lips but one side is more swollen then other, by a lot! Is this normal and does it mean that side will heal bigger?

Asymmetric Lip Aug. It is highly unlikelyt that the surgeon injected you unevenly and the difference you are currently experiencing may be due to post operative swelling which is greatest in the first four days following fat transfer. This is likely to improve. However, contact your surgeon to ensure that this is not due to bleeding. Positional changes, such as the way you sleep at night, could make it worse. Use ice.
Fat transfer. Dear jc6, i also answered your other questions. If you are still early in the healing phase, it will get better. I would wait at least a month, and at the 6 month mark, your results are more final. See your surgeon and talk to him about it. Best, nima shemirani.
Asymetric lips. Dr placik's answer was right on. My guess is you are still about 2 weeks out. These asymetries usually correct themselves by around 4 weeks post op.
Normal. It is normal for the lips to swell differently from one side or the other. You will need to allow for all swelling to resolve before considering if any revisions are necessary.
Probably. Swelling and bruising after plastic surgery is normal, however both sides should be even unless there is a hematoma (blood clot) on the side which is more swollen. Wait and see. Hopefully swelling will settle down and look normal. Fat transfer to enlarge lips is a controversial procedure.
May not be a problem. You can get free consult near you. Call: 877drsisto(877.377.4786).
Time + advice. Transfer of fat is done with the assumption that some of the fat will absorb over time with healing and recontouring. If you are concerned about the symmetry, please ask your treating surgeon. Sometimes message can help with the patterning and sometimes a touch up might be needed. Also inflammation can set in which needs to be seen fairly soon to correct.