Is cryotherapy painful if removing genital warts?

Yes, but . All methods of removal are painful to a certain degree, because you need to destroy these warts. Cryosurgery is probably the least painful of the alternatives. You are lucky that you don't need surgical excision. I am sure your doctor can explain all the options.

Related Questions

Is genital warts in the vaginal area painful?

No. Warts are small virus-induced tumors and like most tumors they are not painful unless they are traumatized or involvinh a nerve (the latter is very rare) Read more...

Is it possible to get genital warts on your butt cheeks? And if it is possible, will it be painful to sit down on a chair if you got genital warts on your butt cheeks?

Possible, unlikely. Genital warts appear mostly where the virus is massaged into the skin during sex, i.e. places that get friction during intercourse -- thus usually the penis in men, vaginal opening or labia in women, the anus if sexually exposed. Warts can and do show up on the buttocks, but uncommonly. Warts are painless; unless very large (neglected for months), it wouldn't hurt to sit on them. Read more...