Is any herbal treatment for clogged ears and also I get dizziness it comes and goes vertigo sensation?

Easy stuff. Taking herbs or any other pills for clogged ears or some other simple mechanical problem as simply addressing the mechanical problem. Your physician may recommend something as simple as glycerine plus carbamide peroxide, or any of several other good choices. Earwax impaction can make you dizzy just as you describe. Best of luck.

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Grand other, 87yo. 5'5" 149lbs. Chronic cold symptoms, 10yrs. Runny nose, clogged ears, dizziness, cough, hoarse throat. No allergies. Any ideas?

Chronic sinusitis. The symptoms above are consistent with chronic irritation of the nose and throat. This can be caused by chronic sinus infections which also connect to the ear and cause dizziness. A Cat scan of sinuses can help. A more unlikely but possible cause is reflux disease. (GERD) While not typical, gastric fluid coming up in the throat during sleep can cause the symptoms as well. An ENT surgeon can help. . Read more...