I can see, but everything turns white...Sharp pains in heart. Numb/tingling all over...Mental confusion. Lethargy. Should I go to ER when it happens?

YES. Call 911 and have paramedics take you to the er immediately the next time this happens. Do not drive your self. Better yet, if you are currently not having symptoms make an appoint with your medical doctor asap. This is serious, do not wait.

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Tests show pulmonary clot? Docs here say heart pain, numb/tingling, short breath, mental confusion was anxiety. Do clots cause anxiety?

Family practice. There seems to be a lack of communication on the dr's part. If there is a blood clot or pulmonary embolus then that is a life threatening condition. That may have been ruled out. Check with your dr to again explain the test results. If concerned go to the er.