Hi, my 9 year old daughter is wheezing, coughing, constant chest pain, and has trouble breathing. She was negative for cf, and taking a asthma test.

Has asthma. Your child has asthma. A asthma test is a good idea to see what her baseline lung function is, but it is not needed to make the diagnosis here. She has wheezing, cough, dyspnea (trouble breathing) - she has asthma.She needs to be hit hard with meds immediately to get symptoms under control - she may even be bad enough for inpatient admission. Then the doc visits to asthma and/or allergy specialist.
Pulmonary testing. Pfts with and without a bronchodilator or a challenge test can be performed to assess the reactivity of the airway. This is one way to determine if she has asthma. A chest x-ray can help determine if there are structural abnormalities of the lung. In addition, if she has had multiple infections, she may need to have a work up immune problems. I hope this helps prmg fax8582599689.

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Loud wheezing whistle like noise when breathing in? I'm a smoker no asthma what could it be thanks no chest pain or cough just loud noise

See your PCP. Noisy breathing comes from disruption in the otherwise smooth flow of air in your airway and lungs--like the last bit of milkshake sipped through a straw. Disruptions can be caused by simple mucous or more insidious things. First concerns: narrowed airway from inflammation (asthma?), infection or cancer (after all, you are a smoker) need to be ruled out. See your doc asap to be sure. Read more...