Is it normal after being healthy for a year after suffering 4 years from anorexia nervosa to relapse? What should I do to prevent it getting worse?

See below. You're on the right track since you're addressing your relapse here. This is a great first step. Look at things that worked for you in the past. Address what triggered your current episode, work through it and take things from there. Sometimes, coping techniques used might not work, that's why you need to address that in psychotherapy with someone who is specializing in eating disorders.
Anorexia. It is in fact common to relapse so try not to be too discouraged. Return to the coping strategies that have worked for you in the past and it is likely you can return to a balanced life. Stay with the therapist that has helped you in the past or return to him or her if you have ended treatment. Best wishes.
This Happens a Lot. Relapse is very common. This is part of what makes anorexia nervosa so so tough to treat. And tragically about 10% w/anorexia die from suicide/starvation/metabolic failure/something else related. What do you need at this point to grab your life back from anorexia? Check the website of anad- natl assn of anorexia nervosa & related disorders: http://bit. Ly/14wd5ib for more info & leads to resources.