Can I still wear invisalign if I suffer from severe acid reflux? If I can, what can control the acid reflux from eroding my teeth&wear.

Absolutely! The aligners will help to protect teeth from the acid. Remove them two or three times per day, and brush with a baking soda toothpaste. (that will neutralize the acid.) at bedtime, rinse with a Fluoride mouthwash to help strengthen the enamel.
Think so. Had not heard of this being an issue with invisalign, but consult with your orthodontist.
Yes, but. You need to see your md to try to control your reflux. And ask your dentist about mi paste or renew with novamin which can be worn inside your trays to help remineralize the enamel. Also, frequently rinse your mouth with 1 teaspoon baking soda in small glass of lukewarm water to neutralize the acid.
Reflux & invisalign. That should not be a problem with the current materials and the fact that you change them every 2 weeks. See your M.D. For reflux but in general watch what you eat, do not eat too late in the day, also try sleeping on an extra pillow to keep your head up above your stomach.