Could it happen that I live without pain if I have fibromyalgia? I am so desperate to live with that horrible pain all my life. Help me pleaseeee.

Yes, Yes, the pain of fibromyalgia is variable. Some days are better than other days. How is your sleeping? If there is a way to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep, you will feel better. I know this could be difficult--but exercise...Walking; although you might think you couldn't possibly exercise; if you get over the "hump" 1-2 days, you will actually have less pain. Please check your labs for vit d.
Fibromyalgia. Don't give up on finding a diagnosis--even different than fibromyalgiapain is a symptom of "something"; not a diagnosis. I have seen cases where a patient has been DX and years later the docs did diagnose the "real disease"that is not to say, i don't believe in fibro..I do. I know you tried all the typical treatments.Try alt. Trmts. Too like acupuncture, yoga, reiki, in addition. Don't give up!
Yes. Reports of healed patients such as valerie lumley, mr. Lewis of wiggles music group, and sue ingebretson. Several physicians have published their natural methods & helped patients to heal; see amazon.Com. The drug model is to treat pain symptoms, not prime cause. The three drugs approved by fda are "pain" pills. None of these drugs improve restless sleep. See my discussion on quora.Com.