I have an ear ache & a migraine that won't go away. I'm also very dizzy & have a fever. What is happening to me?

Problems. This is a good question but the best advice is to get in and see your doctor today and let him have a chance to figure what is going on. This forum can't give the answer you need because we can't do the tests and exam you need to get to the root of the problem. Please get help today and let us know what they tell you at the doctors office.
Too Much. Earache, migraine, dizzy, and fever -- all in one. Headache with fever and dizziness -- you need to see your doctor to get the best answer. All of these don't go together with one simple solution. Many migraines may be associated with dizziness, but the fever is the kicker to make this too complicated for specific advice. Go see your doctor.

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Labyrinthitis. This sounds like acute labyrinthitis, which could be related to allergic fluid within the ear canal, or perhaps a viral or bacterial infection although without fever an infection would be less likely. This should be evaluated, as treatments may be available. Read more...