What's causing my foot pain.? Plantar fasciitis has been ruled out also arthritis x-rays show loss of cartilage in front of the ankle bone

See below. You have not told us exactly where on your foot the pain is. Based on your x-ray, that sounds consistent with osteoarthritis.
Sounds. Like a possible osteochondral defect will show up on mri.
Many things. Loss of cartilage could mean an osteochondral defect of the ankle bone (talus), but it's confusing as to the location of your foot pain? Can you give more specifics as to what makes your pain worse, better, location, type of pain (shooting, stabbing, throbbing, electric current, etc). Thanks!
Need more info. Loss of cartilage in front of the ankle bone may in itself be arthritic in the sense that it will limit range of motion here. This can cause pain elsewhere in the foot due to compensation and overuse. Seems like you need some more diagnostics.

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Small lump under ankle bone -slightly uncomfortable but no real pain. Doest hurt to run, touch, etc. Had possible plantar fasciitis in Feb?

Inside or outside.. Which ankle bone has the small lump positioned under it. It is either on the medial (great toe side) or the lateral ( little toe side). It probably has little or nothing to do with the plantar fasciitis. There is no need to get too aggressive with the lump unless the symptoms increase in intensity. Consult with a foot/ ankle specialist for the possibilities. Read more...