Can you tell me about the types and invasiveness of chemical peels to reduce face wrinkles?

Facial peels. Phenol and buffered phenol peels are the strongest/deepest, and can permanently lighten skin or leave a line between treated/untreated, but remove wrinkles the best--comparable to laser resurfacing. Takes 1-2 weeks to heal; pink longer. Tca (trichloroacetic acid) peels are lighter and come in varying strengths. Obagi blue peel is a tca peel. 1 week to heal. Less improvement but still nice changes.
A variety. In ascending order of strength: the lightest ones are the glycolic peels. Jessner peel is slightly stronger. Tca peels are medium strength. Phenol peels, like the baker-gordon or hetter peels, are the strongest. Best to speak with your dermatologist or plastic surgeon about these.