Why does my right ear feel like it popped and its red?

Pop = pressure chang. Popping generally means the opening of your eustacian tube, a channel from the middle ear to the back of the throat that allows air to get to your ear bones.The tube is rubbery & prone to swelling with allergies or viruses and a slight vacuum is created when it is blocked. Yawnig or chewing straightens the canal and may allow it to reopen. The redness ?Are you messing with it when it pops?
Ear Popped. When an ear "pops" it has just opened up, with equalizing the pressure between the middle ear space and the environment. Unless, you are chewing or widely opening your lower jaw at the same time -- this can be the TMJ opening and closing. It is normal for the ear to pop when barometric pressure changes in individuals with partially blocked eustachian tubes - the opening from the nose to the ear.