I have sharp shooting pain from my hip down through the leg. Sometimes above my knee through the leg feels like it's going through my bone. Could it be sciatica? I've had some tingling too and have been sitting a lot.

Sciatica possibility. What you describe could be sciatic nerve pain. You should get it checked if it doesn't get better. Many possibilities can cause these symptoms.
Sciatica. Pain in the distribution as you suggested describes the pattern of the nerve that travels in the leg called the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is not the cause of the pain source, it is the result of an irritated nerve typically in the lumbar spine (low back) which are caused by herniated disks, spinal stenosis or degenerative disc disease requiring further evaluation by a spine specialist.
Sciatica treatment. True sciatica is leg pain that shoots from back, down the leg past the knee. This mimics the path of the sciatic nerve, thus it's name. It may be associated with numbness, burning pain, or weakness in the leg. Treatment involves nsaids, tylenol, (acetaminophen) rest, mckenzie pt with a doc's rx, and steroid injections (nerve root or epidural). Failing that, microdiskectomy if disk herniation confirmed by mri.