I am 35 years old I had a dose of decapeptyl injection for endometreosis in september could this effect a recent amh blood level?

GnRh & AMH. I just answered a similar question and maybe it was yours. Decapeptyl (gnrh) suppresses FSH levels. The small antral follicles produce amh but they are not responsive to fsh. So, the gnrh hormone should not affect your amh levels. This fact is one of the reasons that amh is so attractive to us. We are not as reliant on the timing of the hormone measurement. I hope this helps.
LHRH and AMH levels. A dose of decapeptyl (an lhrh analogue) which suppresses ovulation and is used to treat endometriosis should have no effect on serum amh levels because amh which is an index of the number of preantral follices will not be effected.
No Effect. The beauty of amh is that is measures the cohort of small follicles as they start to grow. It is not until much later in their growth that decapeptyl would interfere. Fsh, on the other hand, can not be measured while on this medication, or lupron (leuprolide).