Fractured tibia medial malleolus non displaced no surgery, 13wks and no healing on xray. Will bearing weight or massage help healing?

Bone stimulator. As long as there is no displacement, it may just need a little jump start. The best way to do achieve this is via a bone stimulator. A device about the size of an ipod is strapped to your leg and transmits a current across the fracture site. Such a charge is actually a physiologic response to bone healing.
Try something else. Some great studies are now coming out using exogen ultrasound bone stimulation. Ask you doctor to look into it and get a unit for you to use. It may even be covered by insurance companies depending on your circumstances.
Cause. To help the healing of a fracture, your doctor should find the cause of the delayed healing. At 13 weeks, most insurances allow bone stimulators, but if you are smoking or have other nutritional deficiencies, than it will not help. Find the cause of the nonhealing (infection? Too much movement? Stress? Deficient nutrition, etc). Hope that helps.