What happens if a prolapsed uterus is left untreated?

What did your gyn. Say? It depends how bad the prolapse is, if not that bad may not cause much problems, if bad can cause problems urinating or with bowel movements, can cause pain, and if it is so bad it is prolapsing out of the vagina it could get ulcerated or infected please discuss with your gyn.

Related Questions

Can a prolapsed uterus cause death if left untreated?

Hopefully not. If it bleeding or gets infected or causes total procedentia then it need to be removed if you re being followed by a gyn, it should never get to a critical point.

What is a prolapsed uterus?

A prolapsed uterus. Is a uterus that has slipped out of place, sometimes protruding down through the vagina.

I'm 39 I have 2 child & don't want anymore. I have a prolapsed uterus. What are my options?

Several. Tubal ligation, hysterectomy, uterine suspenjsion, contraception. Depending on your wishes, vaginal hysterectomy is most likely choice depending on degree of prolapse.
2 birds 1 stone. If it falls out & you don't need it why not take it out. A hysterectomy might be a reasonable choice in this setting, but there are others. Talk it over with your OBGYN.

Cystocele, prolapsed uterus, relaxation. What are the signs?

The bulge. A feeling of pressure in the vagina that worsens when bearing down or having a bowel movement is a common symptom. Also being able to feel a "ball" coming from the vagina.
It varies. The most common symptoms are a mass bulging into the vaginal opening, pelvic pressure or discomfort, and difficulty with bowel or bladder function. Many women can feel something bulging through the vaginal opening. To check, place fingers at the vaginal opening while seated on a toilet and bear down as if you are trying to have a bowel movement.

Women with one ovary there is a risk for prolapsed uterus?

Not likely. The ovaries are quite small and surgical removal/missing one should not affect the positions of other internal organs, thus not likely to predispose the woman to prolapsed-uterus. If you have trouble down there, please consult doc for an eval. Good luck.

What are the treatments for a prolapsed uterus?

Depends. If the person is sexually active it s usually hysterectomy with reconstruction of the pelvis by a uro/gyn specialist. If the person is not sexually active usually a simple procedure called colpocleisis. The uterus is retained and the vagina is closed this reducing the prolapse completely.
Lots of treatments. Easiest thing to do is try a pessary. Pessaries are inexpensive and pretty easy to use. When successfully fitted, 80 % of people will continue to use up to 5 years.

Is there a non-surgical fix to prolapsed uterus?

Yes. A pessary is sometimes inserted into the vagina to support the uterus and surrounding structure.
Not really. There are only three choices for any pelvic support problem - do nothing, wear a pessary, or surgery. As the problem is due to stretching of connective tissue, kegel exercises will not fix the problem. Wearing a pessary helps hold things in place but is not a fix and has some unpleasant side effects. If the patient is young, health, and active, surgery is the best option.