Can a waterpik cause gum recession?

Gum Recession. Improper homecare can cause gum recession. A waterpik is a great adjunct to homecare if used properly. It is good for patients who have difficulty manipulating floss and those who have pocketing too. Aiming the waterpik straight into the area between the teeth not up into the gum and spending time flushing each area creates suction (venturi effect) pulling debris out that the brush cant reach.
Not likely. But used incorrectly, it can push debris into the sulcus around your tooth instead of dislodging it. The food and bacteria can irritate the gum, which can then cause the recession. Brushing too hard with a hard bristle toothbrush can also cause the gums and bone to recede.
Used improperly yes. If used improperly with too much force, yes. A number of factors can cause gum recession. Brushing your teeth improperly can cause gum recession! if you use the waterpik at the wrong angle or with too much force, over time the gums could recede. The waterpik is only to be used lightly for a very specific purpose. Studies have shown though that it is no substitute for flossing.