What is caleictasis?

Caliectasis. "caliectasis is a kidney condition characterized by dilation of the calices - structures situated inside the kidney pelvis which divide into 2 wide, cup-shaped major renal calices, with each major calix subdivided into 7 -14 minor calices... " with caliectasis, fluid backs up in the kidneys and the calices become distended." see: http://answers.Yahoo.Com/question/index?Qid=20101130121518aanjk0z.
Calyceal dilatation. Kidney calyces are part of urinary drainage system between collecting tubules and & kidney pelves. Nephrons, 1, 000, 000/kidney are the tiny kidney filters & drain into collecting ducts, which in turn drain into calyces which in turn drain into the kidney pelves which are the funnels which drain urine intio the bladder via the ureters. Caleictasis is stasis in and dilatation of the kidney calyces.