Us of thyroid 3 growing nodules 1.5cm +. Microcalcification, internal vascularity, iso & hypoechoic, solid. History stg III melanoma. Fna sched. Worry?

Thyroid nodules. Though majority of thyroid nodules are benign but increased vascularity calcification and increasing size suggest a possible chance of malignancy you need a ultrasound guided biopsy to decide future management.
Let us wait for the . We have to wait till the fna results. Your thyroid nodules are likely benign and may not be related to your melanoma history. But we must wait for the procedure to be done and the reprts will guide you. Melanoma can spread to any orghan in the body including thyroid but it is much less likely to be the case, as the benign thyroid nodules are a much more common occurence.