I have chest congestion, fever, cough, nasal congestion and runny nose. What could I have?

Several possibilitie. This could represent a common cold, bronchitis, allergies or even pneumonia. For definitive diagnosis and treatment, you need to see your doctor. Without a fever, this likely has a viral etiology so antibiotics may not be necessary or helpful.
Chest congestion. The symptoms you describe suggest that you may have a viral or bacterial upper respritory infection which may be accompanied by sinusitis and or bronchitis, you need to be evaluated by you physician, who will examine you and determine the choice of treatment, you will need decogestants with cogh medicine and you may or may not need antibiotics, it can also be complicated with pneumonia, so see your md.

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My 2 years old daughter have symptoms of common cold. Serious nasal congestion, runny nose cough, sneezing, chest congestion. No fever. What 2 do?

Not much. Gentle suctioning of nose and running humidifier especially during the night will relieve the discomfort. Otc or prescription "cold meds" do not make much difference. Seek a medical attention if she develops heavy breathing, fever of over 101f, or fussiness.

Sean is 7 has fever, achy, chest congestion ans runny nose. Cough also rapid heart beat. We gave him OTC meds should we go to er?

Breathing fast? If he is breathing fast, having to work hard to breath, is listless or is wheezing then I would take him to the ER tonight.
Asthma Pneumonia. If he has a past history of asthma treated with Singlair, the that would be a good plan. Mild asthma can progress rapidly into something much worse sometimes without treatment. Does he have a nebulizer with albuterol available at home? Is he short of breath or breathing fast? Can he talk without breathing in between words of a sentence? It may be better to be seen by a physician now.

I took six tablets of 250mg azithromycin, but my nasal congestion, cough and chest congestion are no better. Should I take the 2nd script of the same?

No. It sounds like you took an adequate dose of antibiotics. Often times you get antibiotics for what turns out to be a viral respiratory infection, not responsive to antibiotics. It's good that you don't smoke, so keep drinking adequate fluids (like water) and treat yourself symptomatically with Acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Be patient. It could take weeks to get better. If worsening see doctor.

Should I take my 4 yr old to doctor for a non febrile cold, runny nose, chest congestion lasting 5 to 6 weeks. He doesn't feel bad?

Depends on situation. If your inner voice is telling you there is something bad going on, get seen to get some inner peace. Sounds more like seasonal allergies, or cold or going from one to another. If kid is otherwise playful & happy, keeping up with his peer group, you can continue to monitor it for changes.