Pain on lower right side for over a year but blood and ultrasound look normal. What's wrong?

Not clear. Frankly, your doctor would need much more information in order to adequately answer your question. Your physician would need to get an in-depth history from you in order to figure out which organ system is involved and come-up with a differential diagnosis.
Follow clues. Pain is difficult to figure out by tests alone. I agree on needing an in-depth history. Ask your dr what's been considered (or not) so far... Go over diet, trauma (car accident and pelvic-hip pain?), exercise, and other lifestyle factors as well as more obvious clues system by system. Put some of your words on paper if it helps you track your concerns. Don't give up on yourself.
Lower R side pain. R lower side of your abdomen? If so, it could be many things... Including myofascial pain, psoas pain. Post-tummy tuck pain, or a host of other soft tissue imbalances and disorders unlikely to show on a test or lab or x-ray. See a doctor familiar with neuromuscular medicine such as a pm&r or osteopathic manipulation omm specialist for a functiinsl and biomechanical perspective. Ob GI back kidney?