After what length of time from having a baby are you safe from potentially getting postpartum depression? 6 mos? 1yr?

Postpartum depressio. This can start as early as 6 weeks to as late as 6 months. In a study by robertson et al 2003 they found that the strongest predictors of postpartum depression were depression during pregnancy, anxiety during pregnancy, experiencing stressful life events during pregnancy or the early puerperium, low levels of social support, and a previous history of depression. We can determine risk knowning this.
Onset of PPD. Postpartum depression can present anytime in the first year. It is most common to begin within the first 3 to 4 months. However it can begin later in the first year, particularly with changes like abruptly stopping nursing, beginning of birth control pills, etc. If you suspect you may have ppd, contact your dr. And seek help from a mental health specialist with expertise in treating it.

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I'm pregnant with my 2nd child and suffering depression. Does that mean I will have postpartum depression too?

Possibly. U want your obstetrician & psychiatrist 2 work together 2 try 2 control your depression.
There Is Risk. You are at increased risk of continuing to struggle with depression after giving birth. It is important to stay in close contact with the provider working with you on your depression.