Is restless leg syndrome a psychological problem or a sign of a physical ailment?

Physical. The cause of restless leg syndrome is not completely understood, but we do know that iron and Dopamine can be involved. Psychological issues like anxiety can aggravate it.
Restless legs. Restless legs syndrome (rls) is a clinical diagnosis based primarily on self-reports of individuals. It should have (a) desire to move the extremities, often associated with unsual skin sensation; (b) motor restlessness; (c) worsening of symptoms at rest with at least temporary relief by activity, and (d) worsening of symptoms in the evening or night. Anxiety one of the psychological causes.

Related Questions

Could restless leg syndrome cause knee problems?

See below. What do you mean by knee problems? Although restless legs syndrome (rls) occurs in the calves ; feet, it is not unheard of for it to extend into the knees or arms. But it has to meet criteria to be rls, such as an urge to move that is worse @ night ; feels uneasy or discomforting. It is better w/ mov't ; worse w/ rest. If you have other symptoms it maybe something else. Please see you pcp for eval.

I have a lot of problems falling asleep due to twitchy legs. Is this restless leg syndrome or something else?

Possibly. This is not entirely an unusual complaint, but when repetitive leg restlessness interferes with sleep it can add to daytime fatigue, concentration problems, anxiety, and other poblems. A medical evaluation to make sure there are not any metabolic or other deficiences, avodiance of cafeine/coffee, good tretchign and exercise should be tried - but if these dont work a sleep study would be in order.

Hi, I have really bad restless leg syndrome and I have problems with food, I binge. Would this be anything to do with low dopamine levels?

Hard to say. There really isn't a test to determine if a person has abnormal Dopamine levels in the brain. The antidepressant medication buproprion can elevate Dopamine levels. You should see a psychiatrist and have an evaluation. Good luck.
Seek Medical Advice. These are serious problems that you need professional medical advice and treatment. They can not be addressed in a sentence or two.