Can u suggest some nasal steroids and oral antihistamines?

Treatment advice. It is not in our mission here to give specific treatment advice. But, all oral anti-histamines are over the counter. Nasal steroid sprays are universally similar to each other.
Ask Your Doctor. Dr killian is correct, but also if there is an allergic need , why not ask your doctor.

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Does mucinex help post nasal drip? I have taken oral antihistamines, masonry and Sudanese and I'm still having really bad post nasal drip as I sleep.

Intranasal steroids. Studies show intranasal steroids are highly effective as monotherapy for allergic rhinitis and more effective than antihistamines but okay in combination. If you have sinus pressure/cough you may need MD eval for possible acute bacterial rhinosinusitis as well. . Read more...