Is a cyst soft or hard?, and is a tumor soft or hard?

Either can occur. A cyst is a thin walled closed space filled with fluid. If the amt. Of fluid is large the cyst can be tense and feel very firm. A tumor is a overgrowth of cells either benign or malignant For the latter a scan tissue tumor, benign or malignant is very firm while a fatty tumor even if malignant can feel very soft. Scans and bx or aspiration will define cyst from tumor.
Cyst/Tumor. A cyst is a closed sac containing air, fluid or semi-solid materials. A tumor is a swelling which can be a cyst or a solid mass.
Yes to both. Cysts are always filled with something at least semiliquid. Tumors range from gelatinous to stony-hard. The key isn't the way the mass feels, though the clinician will note this; it's the presence of an abnormal mass.