Can I put my 2 year old in time out when he throws a tantrum? Is this useful?

Do It !!!! A time out works very well if done properly. Explain to your child what the behavior leading to the time out with a firm no. Use a safe place such as a playpen if the child can't climb out.The clock starts when the child has settled down. Then a good 15 mins or so. The 1 minute per year of age is not based upon any research that i know of and does not work well.
Yes. You can try ignoring your child's temper tantrum first. Say "i see you are mad but i can't talk to you when you are yelling. Let me know when you are ready to talk". If that doesn't work, you may need to pick him up and put him in his room saying "your yelling is hurting my ears. You can be mad in your room", close the door and walk away (unless you need to hold the door closed).
Absolutely! Time outs should last 1 minute per year of age;first say 'no' firmly & name the problem, then place your child in a setting with no toys or books.During timeout, no one should look at or speak to your child.At the end resume normal activity.Make sure you praise good behavior, too.Often, kids act out to get some attention, even negative attention.
2yo tantrums. Honestly, it's hard to put an out-of-control child in timeout unless you carry him to his room and close the door (with time limit). Best is to take a deep breath and walk away, saying i'll be back when you calm down. I know it doesn't work in every situation..... But this is main idea.
Absolutely! Explain the rule at his developmental level, show him the " naughty spot" & set the timer for 2 minutes, which starts when he stays in time-out & quietens down. Give only 1 warning when he tantrums, then walk him from behind without talking or making eye contact to time-out. Repeat until he "gets it, " even if it takes a long time. When t.O. Is over, look him in the eye & explain why he was in t.O.