Should I cancel my trip?

Concerned about. Ebola? If yes, that very much depends on where you planned to go. If you were going to Guinea, Sierra Leone or Liberia - would cancel the trip.
Can you enjoy it? Assuming you are trying to decide wether to go on a trip or not because you are having some sort of medical problem, then the answer lies in the basic notion of, can you enjoy the trip?, can you travel safely?, can you still benefit from being there? Even though you may not be able to enjoy it fully, it may still be better than staying home. Make sure you can travel safe and without too much pain.

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I just read about vibrio in Florida. I have mosquito scars and I'm now afraid to travel on Fl in 5 days. Should I cancel my trip?

No. Vibrio cholera is the most virulent bacteria. It is transmitted by water contaminated by infected feces. Not by skin or Respiratory secretions. just be sure that food is hygienic ally prepared and you will be fine. . Read more...