Cyst on liver common?

Liver Cyst. Most of these are not to worry about. Ask you doctor if he agrees and then relax!
Yes. Quite common. And mostly benign with no chance of cancer development. But some may be more problematic.
Very. Its probably the most common benign space occupying lesion seen in routine ct scans.
Yes. Two types. Simple cysts are common and benign. No cancer potential. Can grow and cause pressure symptoms. The other type, biliary-related cyst can be premalignant and should be excised when possible; these are usually loculated and more central in location in the liver. Finally cysts can also be the results of infections such as echinicoccus and amebas.
Yes. Quite common are simple cysts, and are benign without risk of cancer. Rarely they are all over the liver and cause liver enlargement (polycystic disease), and rarely get infected. On the other hand, complex liver cysts, usually septated, irregular and from biliary origin are considered potentially premalignant and should be considered for excision.