Cyst on liver should I be worried?

Liver Cyst. Most of these are not to worry about. Ask you doctor if he agrees and then relax!
Cyst on the liver . I assume u have been seen by u physician to be diagnosed with that. If u r not convinced get a second opinion . Good luck.

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6.2 CM complex liver cyst, should I be worried?

You need evaluation. Yes, you are appropriately concerned. When you pursue further evaluation, your doctor will want to know your exposure risks, travel history, etc. Also, is this the first time the cyst was identified, or has it enlarged, changed in appearance, or become symptomatic? What liver imaging modality was accomplished? Best of luck with your testing and treatment. Read more...

How do a 2 month old get a liver cyst, should I be worried?

Liver cyst. Children are usually born with them. They are not a problem unless they enlarge or bleed. Cysts may be present in other parts of the body and are usually benign. Read more...