Can distraction deal with loss better than "talk therapy"?

There's No Right Way. The research on loss & trauma shows that most ppl find ways 2heal & move on w/their lives, recovering their ability 2function/enjoy others+life. This majority of ppl heal *without* talk therapy or medication! we've learned that how ppl come 2weave the story of their loss or trauma in2 the bigger story of their lives matters. Those who get stuck in the loss/trauma can benefit from help in some form.
No. Distraction is only a temporary fix. The issues may come back to haunt you sometimes years later. The best way out is through, as painful as it may be to confront the sorrow and the pain.
Hello - that is a . Coping mechanism. It can prevent you from feeling pain for a while but it never deals with it. You can end up carrying unresolved grief with you. It is like putting a rock in a backpack. You might not feel the weight at first, but eventually the losses add up and the weight in the back pack can become crippling. The best way to deal with grief is to grieve. Take care.