I'm 5 months pregnant and am having a sharp birning pain in my left shoulder blade what can it be? It feels the same as carpal tunnel could it be?

Abdominal pressure. As the uterus enlarges, the increasing pressure in the abdomen and particularly on the diaphragm can cause a variety of symptoms, including your shoulder blade pain. The fluid retention during pregnancy causes increased pressure on a number of nerves which explains the carpal tunnel syndome symptoms and likely other neurologic symptoms during pregnancy.
Referred pain. When you have pain that is in your shoulder, it could be from diaphragm discomfort, as dr. Higginbotham described. It could also be bad indigestion that is "referred" to your shoulderblade. You should see your doctor to have it examined and if it is more musculo-skeletal, physical therapy can help!
A few things.... .. Can cause left shoulder pain during pregnancy. One is hormonal. This typically resolves over time. Ectopic pregnancies can also cause shoulder pain, but at 5 months and after a few ultrasounds, this is unlikely. Irritation of the diaphragm can also cause similar symptoms. This is usually seen on the right side where the gall bladder is, but can also be seen on the left side. See your ob.