I'm in the process of taking a radioactive iodine pill for a 1-123 thyroid uptake scan, will smoking pot affect the results?

Unlikely. Unless the strain of cannabis contains Iodine, it is unlikely to effect the thyroid uptake and scan results. The Thyroid scan is based on how much iodine your blood stream absorbs from the intestines. .
Not much. Avoid consumption of iodine (e.g. Seafood, iodinated salt, milk). Smoking should not directly interfere with radioiodine uptake by the thyroid, although you should stop smoking anything for your overall health.
LIMITED DATA. Thc, one of marijuana’s active ingredients, depresses the function of the thyroid gland. Animal models have demonstrated that cannabinoid administration acutely alters multiple hormonal systems, including the suppression of the gonadal steroids, growth hormone, prolactin, and thyroid hormone and the activation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. Talk with your doctor.
No, it shouldn't. No, smoking marijuana should not effect the results of the thyroid scan. Being a huge ravens fan myself, i hope everything goes well for you.

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Will the radioactive iodine capsule work for my thyroid uptake scan?

Yes. Capsules of 131i are given in small doses to see how much and where in the thyroid iodine can be picked up. Larger doses are used to treat hyperthyroidism due to graves' disease and toxic (multi)nodular goiters. Very large doses are used to treat thyroid cancers that pick up radioiodine. Talk to your doctor. Read more...
YES. An uptake value will be established. Uptake can be low, normal, or high. Scan will be diagnostic if enough iodine localizes in the thyroid gland. Large amounts of stable iodine from iodized salt and ocean seafood can compete with radiodine and decrease uptake. Read more...
Yes. A capsule of i-123 is taken usually 24 hours prior to a thyroid uptake and scan. To achieve reliable test results make sure you have not had a contrast-enhanced ct scan in the last 6-8 weeks (as contrast agents usually have large amounts of iodine) and your are not taking anti-thyroid medications (methimazole or ptu). Good luck! Read more...