I am 9 weeks pregnant. At my drs visit she told me it was still too early to feel anything while doing an internal exam. Is this normal?

Early Pregnancy. Generally, the uterus starts to enlarge around 8 weeks and is large enough to be out of the pelvis by about 12 weeks. An obgyn can usually feel the change in size during a pelvic exam, but this can be limited by the patients size or if she has a retroverted uterus.
Early PG Exam. Early in pg the best way to determine the health and dates for the pg is with ultrasound (transvaginal is best). The uterus is enlarged to feel by about 6 weeks (i personally would never trust my fingers over ultrasound - amazing change in medicine practice). At 9 weeks, the pregnancy should be very easily measured, heart motion visible. Uterus out of pelvis after about 12 wks. Talk with doc.