I have been sick with flu like symptoms now my face is swollen on oneside and coughing hurts under my stomach like a ball is there?

Please see your Dr. If you have facial swelling, you need to see your doctor asap. The belly pain sounds like your belly muscles are sore from the cough, but I'm concerned that you could have a sinus infection, at the least.
Flu Then Face Full. Flu followed by a swollen face = a sinus infection. With any swelling, go see your doctor right away. Repeatedly coughing has caused strained muscles between your ribs and diaphragm strain or abdominal muscle strain. A swollen face = go see your doctor to be treated for a sinus infection and have your teeth examined to exclude a dental abscess.

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My daughters face is swollen and she is having flu like symptoms, could this be mumps?

It can be mumps. We have seen a lot of mumps cases recently. These symptoms may well be mumps. Other causes can be sinusitis or flu.
Mumps. If the swelling below the ear and over the bone which is your mandible then mumps is a possibility. I would see your doctor to get a definitive diagnosis.

I have flu like symptoms for a little over 2 1/2 weeks with a foot rash thats blistered and sore and a stomach ache / nausea? Not sure what it is.

Coxsackie virus. More common in children (aka hand, foot, and mouth disease).The treatment is symptomatic until the virus passes. It can last a few weeks. In adults, it can be associated with immune suppression (chemotherapy, organ transplants, AIDS, etc). See your doctor.
See your provider.. This is outside the normal duration of a viral infection, even influenza. You may have a bacterial infection. I would recommend a visit to your primary care provider.
Mgt. Please see a physician right away. The blisters may represent an infection or reaction to an infection. Please keep well hydrated.
Needs to be checked. It has gone on rather longer than what one will anticipate with a virus infection like coxackie virus. I will suggest you have it checked by your doctor as the symptoms have persisted for more than two weeks. Including blisters, stomach pain and nausea. Do you or did you have any rash on hands and sores inside the mouth.

Bit by a tick on back of head a week ago, no rash, sore neck, swollen lymph nodes, flu like symptoms, soreness only getting worse. Should I go to er?

Primary Dr can check. On the west coast, the western black-legged tick can bite humans, and can cause lyme disease, after feeding for 24-48 hours. A lab can test such a tick for lyme disease bacteria. The doctor may treat with antibiotics if the lab finds lyme bacteria, if the bite site has a bull's-eye rash, or if there are other worries... Such as a lot of irritation and maybe a skin infection at the bite site.
No. You should see your health care provider on a non-urgent basis if there is any concern. This is not a problem for the emergency room.